Eckowood Education 4. Eckowood Flooring Grades

What are Flooring Grades?

Each grade of flooring has its own unique characteristics and style. Some grades contain more grain, more knots and look more natural and rustic. Some are cleaner and more polished for an elegant look and feel.

A&B Grade

A&B grade is the cleanest Grade for hardwood flooring. Meaning there are minimal/ smaller knots, less grain and minimal sap because it is cut from the center of the log. This Grade often has a shorter line for colour variation because it is a natural selection.

ABC Grade

ABC Grade contains more knots and detail creating lots of character. This Grade contains more sap as well as larger knots. The colour selection has a bit more of a variety but still all-natural tones.

ABCD Grade

ABCD Grade also known for having larger knots, more sap and containing many imperfections that give it a rustic look. The colours of this Grade are also natural but contain more of a selection.


ABCD Grade is the most rustic grade, with lots of large knots, detailed and very textured. This Grade shows the Raw and authentic look of wood by being imperfect. This grade also has a selection of natural colours to choose from.

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Commercial Vinyl

Vinyl has become a popular option for an alternative flooring that gives the classic look and feel of wood with less maintenance. Commercial Vinyl means that this grade is durable and can withstand high foot traffic in everyday commercial businesses. Commercial vinyl is made from natural and synthetic polymer materials. It comes in a variety of colours and options for your business or home.

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