Eckowood Education 5. Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors bring the look of your home together, creating a welcoming, elegant look. Your floors also take on a lot, such as daily traffic, your family pets and spills! Although hardwood is durable and can take wear and tear, it’s still important to maintain and protect your floors.

Reducing the amount of dirt and water being tracked in a mat and taking your shoes off at the door is essential to reduce cleaning time. Dirt and water aren’t detrimental, but puddling can soak into the wood floors, cause damage and stains.

You can maintain the cleanliness of your floor by dusting, sweeping and or vacuuming. Wood floors can benefit from a deep clean ever so often with a mop or sponge and cleaning solution to your choice to get any oils and dirt that’s stuck on and embellished deep into the grain.

After choosing what you’re going to clean your floor with, soak your sponge or mop in the cleaning solution diluted in water and wring it out to be damp, not wet. Damp-mop the floors being careful not to leave any puddles that can soak into the wood. Suppose instructions call for it then clean the mop in fresh water and mop the product off the floor. after moping, wipe up any excess water.

When finding the best cleaning solution for your floor you can contact the manufacturer for their recommendation on what’s best for their product. If your floor isn’t new you can go to any store that sells cleaning products and find one that is for hardwood floors specifically and choose based on your lifestyle and needs. Such as if you have children and kids, finding one that is safe for them.

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