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General Information

Eckowood engineered floors can be installed directly over most existing floor coverings, except for carpet. Any existing wood flooring that is glued to the concrete must be removed before installation. It is very important to acclimate the wood to the room temperature before installation. Open boxes at both ends to allow air to circulate through planks. If planks are covered with a plastic wrap, cut plastic at both ends to allow proper air circulation. Allow planks to lay flat in cartons for 48 to 72 hours prior to installation (or longer in extreme climates).


General Information

Hardwood floors bring the look of your home together, creating a welcoming, elegant look. Your floors also take on a lot, such as daily traffic, your family pets and spills! Although hardwood is durable and can take wear and tear, it’s still important to maintain and protect your floors.


general information

Please read all the instructions carefully.

Eckowood warrants that Eckowood flooring shall not contain manufacturing defects in excess of industry standards (5% of total flooring quantity). If manufacturing defects are present in excess of industry standards, the defective pieces should be returned to the original place of purchase PRIOR TO INSTALLATION.

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