Smoked Hardwood Floors. Fumed (or smoked) hardwood floors came about with the accidental discovery of ammonia fuming a 100 years ago. It results in flooring that can be darkened while highlighting the grain. Fuming creates a natural and beautiful floor without staining. Eckowood hardwood floors offer 6 different options for smoked engineering hardwood floors. Our Russian White Oak Chateau Light, Chateau Dark, ( AB Grade), is smoked to Grey, a conventional color, being midway to white and black, symbolizes conservativeness, sophistication, practicality, maturity, reliability, and elegance. Our Russian White Monguzo Dark and Moguzo Light (AB Grade) are a rich brown color. Brown is a natural color, associated with the earth and as a result giving a sense of stability and support. Given its link to the earth, brown brings to mind farming and agriculture and other outdoorsy activities. It’s warm and friendly, practical and dependable. Our Smoked Russian White Oak Vavel and Carisbrook are mixed grade flooring in more rustic and an aged option for engineering hardwood floors.