Types of Wood Finish

Brushed and Smoked (fumed) flooring are different methods to perfect the finish of Eckowood’s Engineered Hardwood. Here is the breakdown of each of the components below.


The Brushed finish creates a Rustic textured look to the wood. The process of Brushed finishes is done with a rotary steel wire brush that goes over the surface of the wood and removes the soft grain, exposing the heartwood, which leaves the wood looking rougher and weathered.

Textured flooring is good for homes with lots of traffic; brushed floors can take more wear and tear as well. The texture often hides scratches, which means it often lasts longer because it requires less maintenance other than cleaning.

Eckowood has 26 Brushed finished flooring.

“Chanson De Geste” has a Brushed Finish

Smoked and Fumed

Fumed (or Smoked) hardwood floors came about by the accidental discovery 100 years ago of ammonia fuming. The process of Smoke (fuming) is done to give the flooring a distinct look. The Smoked finish creates a darker look and stresses/ highlights the grain pattern. The process is done by exposing the oak to ammonia fumes in a safe, regulated environment. When ammonia reacts to the tannins that are in the wood, it creates a darker shade. Fuming creates a natural and beautiful look without staining. Smoked wood can produce many different shades, varying from rich brown to a dark brown that is almost black. 

Smoked and Brushed

At Eckowood, we offer 6 different options for Smoked and Brushed Engineered Hardwood Floors. The combination of the two finishes creates depth in colour and texture.

“Chateau Dark” is a Smoked Finish

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