Collection: Castle

The wide plank collection

Oak Chateau Dark

Rich woodgrains and earthly tones make Chateau Dark, a lustrous selection among our interior design partners. Each plank has a beautiful finish and coloration that is inspired by the vibrant Scandinavian countryside. Chateau dark is simply one of our premier wood lines, that bring the best out of any project. This line is incredibly popular with …

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Oak Picolation

Fine-grained, Cool earthy tones make Oak Picolation an excellent choice of flooring. Whether you are looking to pair with neutral coloured furniture or contrast with warmer decore. Triply, ABCD grade gives this wide plank a classic look by containing larger knots. The finish is Brushed on, ready for any home project.

Oak Natural

Oak Natural projects warmth and a classic feel. The warm tone of this flooring will brighten any room and create a friendly, inviting environment. This woodline maintains the natural look of an oak tree. From the day it was harvested to when the finish is brushed on. This Natural look creates many opportunities for pairing …

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Oak Indian Summer

The warm yet light tones of this woodline is a popular choice for anyone looking to create a peaceful and welcoming environment. Oak Indian summer is inspired by hazy warm weather that comes in the fall after a cold period—referring to it being late summer. Because of the brightness of Oak Indian summer, it is …

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Oak Golden Autumn

Oak Golden Autumn is inspired by crip sunny Autumn mornings. The warm wood tones give the piece a classic oak look, brightening any room. One of our premier wood lines, because of its universal look to the finish, Oak Golden Autumn pairs well with mid-century Modern to transitional furniture. This collection is ABCD grade, containing …

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Oak Chanson

Oak Chanson is effectuated with rich, deep brown tones creating a home feel that resembles the comfort that your morning cup of coffee gives. Its cool dark brown tones leave room for versatile home styling of decor. From traditional to contemporary and modern. Tri-ply wide planks that are ABCD grade, containing larger knots that create …

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Oak Moraine

The neutral earthy tones in Oak Moraine makes this piece a versatile when it comes to styling a home—bringing out the warm or cold tones in any style of furniture because of its neutral colour. The colour of this piece inspired the name Moraine, which is the material such as rock and soil that was …

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Oak Banff

Cool tones of grey and white mixed with the slight warmth of oak. This finish is influenced by snow blanketing the earth in the winter, making it a respected choice of flooring to inspire a calm yet resonating environment. The bright tones speak fresh and modern, creating endless opportunities for furniture styles such as rustic, …

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